Microgrids in Myanmarwith Techno-Hill Engineering

Barani Aung, Techno-Hill Engineering’s Managing Director tells us more about the microgrids Techno-Hill developed to educate remote rural villagers, improve their living standard and enhance local people’s knowledge.

Interview of Barani Aung

Barani Aung is the Managing Director of the company. She has more than 10 years working experience in both Singapore and Myanmar. Graduated from Singapore, she also used to be an employee at ST Electronics (Data Centre Solutions), Willoglen, and CNA Group in Singapore.

Could you describe the project you’ve done with Schneider Electric?

The World Bank and Department of Rural Development (DRD) called for Minigrid Development Proposals as a part of the National Electrification Plan framework under Public-Private-Partnership program. The goal was to provide support to the electrification of rural areas, and to contribute to the country’s social and economic development. Techno-Hill Engineering conducted the preliminary site survey, got agreement with village representatives, and submitted a feasibility study to develop a 63kW Solar Minigrid in Kenti Island, Tanintharyi region. Techno-Hill was then selected by DRD to implement our proposed Solar Minigrid in January 2017, with our partner Schneider Electric.

What was the local impact?

In the village, we developed Solar Mini-grid. 300 households, a clinic, a high school and two primary schools are now electrified. The village has now a fully-fledged streetlighting system with 45 streetlights. Monasteries, shops and carpenters now have access to equipment such as freezers or small fish ponds. The village, which previously had only 4 hours of electricity each day thanks to a generator, now benefits from renewable energy 24h/day. Pricing has been reduced to 350 MMK from the previous 650MMK. Many local businesses are developing, especially women who have started home based businesses such as sewing shops or freeze leasing. Demand is higher than we expected, and we will need to increase the minigrid’s power capacity as soon as possible.

What do you think about your partnership with Schneider Electric?

Schneider Electric is able to provide turnkey solutions for all energy related services and products, particularly a very strong experience in Rural Minigrid Development, which is currently our main vision and focus. Also, Schneider Electric is very supportive to local partners, and provides our team with an opportunity to learn new technologies and systems. In the future, we believe that we will be able to transfer and adopt Schneider Electric technology locally. I would like also to thank Schneider Electric (both Access to Energy Team and Myanmar Team) for their support and commitment throughout the project.

What are your future projects?

In the future, we are planning to open an international standard training center and workshop. We aim at opening a repair and national calibration service center as well as providing end to end support to our customers. Our goal is to fulfil our customers’, end users’, and even students’ needs. Whoever is interested will have opportunities to learn and have hands on experience and become familiar with all electrical, power and electronic communication devices and equipment. Our vision is to enhance human resources with skills and capabilities to maximize and increase the efficiency of our system and service. This vision is strengthened by our pre-selection by the World Band for the development of 4 more Minigrids (equivalent to 296kW). We look forward to pursuing our relationship with Schneider Electric in this new project.

Who we are

Techno-Hill is formed with international experienced team member on August 2014.

Our managing director Barani Aung had more than 10 years workingexperience in both Singapore and Local, and graduated from Singapore as well. She had experience in Data Centre infrastructure, Control & Monitoring System in building automation, water quality measurement system, newater system, remote monitoring system, etc. Barani Aung was also used to be former employee at ST Electronics (Data Centre Solutions), Willoglen, and CNA Group in Singapore.

Other team members are also very well experience in Electrical and Mechanical system and having more than 10 years working experience in Singapore, Malaysia, and also local. We have an experienced local PE as well.

We are having experience in local Telecom, Electricity Power, Construction and Oil&Gas industry.

With our experience and hard work, we can commit to our value customer with an excellent supports in each and every given assignments.


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