Who we are

Techno-Hill is formed with international experienced team member on August 2014.

Our managing director Barani Aung had more than 10 years workingexperience in both Singapore and Local, and graduated from Singapore as well. She had experience in Data Centre infrastructure, Control & Monitoring System in building automation, water quality measurement system, newater system, remote monitoring system, etc. Barani Aung was also used to be former employee at ST Electronics (Data Centre Solutions), Willoglen, and CNA Group in Singapore.

Other team members are also very well experience in Electrical and Mechanical system and having more than 10 years working experience in Singapore, Malaysia, and also local. We have an experienced local PE as well.

We are having experience in local Telecom, Electricity Power, Construction and Oil&Gas industry.

With our experience and hard work, we can commit to our value customer with an excellent supports in each and every given assignments.



  • To be a leading engineering firm who can provide most effective technology, solution and service.
  • To maximize the system efficiency and meet the customer satisfaction with zero error.
  • To fulfill the needs of customers and business partners beyond expectations.
  • To skill up ourselves and serve with utmost passion.
  • To be the trusted partner to our customer and deliver the successful result on each given assignment.


  • Each and every employee to practice and conduct with:
    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Diversity
    • Ingenuity
    • Partnership
    • High Performance
  • To conduct the business in socially responsible and ethical manner.
  • To accomplish the mission with good attitude and manner together.
  • Look ahead, grow as far as you can, limitless your ability & capability.

Our Future Plan

  • In future, we are planning to open the training centre and workshop.
  • We aim to open repair and national calibration service centre as well to provide end to end support to our customers.
  • Our goal is to fulfil our customers, end users, and even the students or whoever have interest will have opportunities to learn and have hands on experience and familiar with all electrical, power and electronic communication devices and equipment.
  • Our vision is to enhance the human resource skills and capabilities to maximize and increase the efficiency of the system and our service.


  • Telecom operators, contractors and data centre investors.
  • Electrical power industry
  • Construction industry
  • Broadcasting and media communications companies.
  • Education centres, universities and schools.
  • Laboratories and Oil & Gas Enterprise.


  • Internal training for staff. Purpose is to produce qualified staffs to support our valuable customers.
  • On site training (Training for customer and end user) after sales. We fullysupport our customer in terms of technical and services after sales.
  • We provide training to our customers and end users with our global well experienced trainers.

Our portfolio

Configuration and Testing and Commissioning work for Eltek system


Provide Engineering Services for Configuration, Testing and Commissioning work for Eltek Power System
for below Scope of Work:

  • Upload new configuration to Eltek controller.
  • Re-wiring work for Alarm Configuration.
  • Upload updated configuration to Eltek power system.
  • Setting communication address / protocol & to communicate with 3rd party controllers.
  • Alarm testing with NOC


  • Completed 130 sits at Yangon, Bago and Ma Gway regions.
  • Supported with our best performance and result together with deliver the quality report and site information to customer.

High Temperature Alarm System at Server Rooms

Customer: MPRL E&P PTE., LTD.

Supply and installation work of high temperature alarm system at existing two server rooms based on the below scenario:

  • If any of the sensors sense the room temperature which is higher than preset value (eg. 22degC), then, the relay in the control panel installed at outside the server will trigger the alarm, and the revolving light installed at out side the room will be blinking and create the sound.
  • The user can press the “Ack” push button to acknowledge the alarm.
  • Once the room temperature is back to normal, the user can reset the alarm and the alarm will be cleared.


  • Completed for two system at existing 2 server rooms.
  • Supported with our best performance and result together with deliver the quality report.


Our Movements

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